The Debut Album by Electric Blanket
«It's Ok It's Not Ok» (2006)
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«Electric Blanket»
«It's Ok It's Not Ok»

Debut Album released in 2006

01 It's Ok It's Not Ok
02 Electric Feelings
03 I Still Feel
04 Guitar Hero
05 Chinese Dragons
06 Hush My Mind
07 There's No Love In It
08 Lost
09 I Would Like
10 What Did He Say

Electric Blanket pushes electronic pop to the point of creating basic warmth. the music is anchored in raw, demanding beats and floated by vocals that toy with beautiful tones through themes of incompletion and searches for a new cure.
the active guitar and synthesizer allow the audience to be seduced and beguiled but never fully satisfied. the lyrics are deceptively simple, creating intimate storylines that merge with electronica to form soundscapes woven around an essential silence.

Press Reviews «It’s Ok It’s Not Ok»

...Day Zero. And the duo, Electric Blanket, presents us with their debut ten-track album “It’s OK It’s NotOK”. A far from frivolous gift....
...Everything is there: the affected, the unique and the extravagant. However, these elements are cleverly combined to create a smooth, harmonious whole....
Working together on their debut album has clearly been a true labour of love, where the duo has left nothing to chance. The album is a compilation of ten electro-pop miniatures: otherworldly like a dazzling beauty (“It’s OK It’s Not OK”); sweet and charming (“There’s No Love In It”); or unadulterated sensuous pop (“Lost”). And yet, entirely in keeping with their name, the duo displays a slight irritation with the warm feeling that security brings.
Ane Hebeisen, der Bund

Magical melancholy, oppressive lightness
With their debut album “It’s OK It’s Not OK”, Electric Blanket mesmerize the listener with their charm,elegance and a generous helping of world weariness.
“It’s OK It’s Not OK” wins the listener over with its precision and simplicity. No sound is superfluousand each track is devoid of gimmickry. Every note is filled with a breezy, oppressive lightness.
Although the album wins over the listener over with its originality and contradictions, it features acouple of tracks, “Lost” in particular, that will surely find their way into mainstream pop. Helenka’s sensual and beguiling vocals, as well as catchy choruses that you can’t stop humming should melt even the hearts of those music fans with a pathological aversion to electronic-based music.
Sarah Elena Schwerzmann, Berner Zeitung BZ


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«It's Ok It's Not Ok» (CD & Digital)

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Vocals by Helenka Danis
Guitars, Basses, Synthesizers, Programming by Patrick Lerjen
Live-Drums on Songs 4 & 10 by Fabian Kuratli

Songs 3/6/7/9/10 music & words by H. Danis/ P. Lerjen
Songs 1/4/5/8 music by P. Lerjen/ H. Danis, words by B. Roesti/ H. Danis
Song 2 music by P. Lerjen/ H. Danis, words by B. Roesti

Recorded and produced by P. Lerjen at the Bussi Studio Progr Berne
Mixed by P. Lerjen at Studio HKB Berne
except song 3 mixed by P. Lerjen & M. Agovino
Mastered by Walter Schmid Oakland Recording Winterthur
except song 5 mastered by London
©2005 Suisa

Photos by Malu Barben
Styling By David von Graffenried
Graphics by Barbara Ehrbar

Released as CD on Aurora Music (k-tel)

Digitaly Released on
Bussi Records in collaboration with Wankdorf Recordings.
Digital Distribution by Finetunes

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