The New EP by «Electric Blanket»
«No Neon»
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«Electric Blanket»
«No Neon»
Digital EP (may 2013)

Electric Blanket «No Neon»
On their new EP «No Neon» we find Electric Blanket in a state of limbo. Lost and dazed they're spending their days, but you still know, burried down there is the sprout of renewal.
After three albums, including singles as «City Lights» and «My Eyes My Heart», Electric Blanket felt the need to enter a more experimental phase with the release of a series of EPs. On «No Neon» the band relocates it's synth-pop into a more mysterious dimension.

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(2013) EP -
«No Neon (Digital)
(2011) Album -
«Hymn To Myself» (CD & Digital) (Wankdorf)
(2011) Single -
«City Lights » (Digital) (Wankdorf)
(2011) Single -
«Wuthering Heights » (Digital) (Wankdorf)
(2009) Single -
«I Hate Sundays (Radio Edit) (Digital)
(2009) Album -
«How Much Peanut Butter» (CD & Digital)
(2008) Single -
«My Eyes My Heart» (7inch-Vinyl & Digital)
(2008) Single -
«I Never Ate That Bird» (7inch-Vinyl & Digital)
(2006) Remix for Nicolette «Wholesome» (12inch-Vinyl / CD / Digital)
(2006) Album -
«It's Ok It's Not Ok» (CD & Digital)

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OUT MAY 2013!

Released on
Bussi Records
Digital Distribution by


Recorded at Bussi Studio Progr Bern in 2012
Produced & Mixed by Patrick Lerjen
Mastered by Dan Sutter at
Echo Chamber

HELENA DANIS Vocals, Synths
PATRICK LERJEN Guitars, Synths, Bass

Written by Patrick Lerjen & Helena Danis

P + © 2013 Bussi Records

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