The New Single by «Electric Blanket»
«I Hate Sundays (Radio Edit)» as Free Download!
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«Electric Blanket»
«I Hate Sundays (Radio Edit)»
Single (July 2009)

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Electric Blanket «How Much Peanut Butte
Electric Blanket's recent single «My Eyes My Heart» became somewhat of an indie-hit at radio stations from the North Sea to Lake Geneva. While being on tour with their current album «How Much Peanut Butter» the band now launches another single, «I Hate Sundays».

In «I Hate Sundays» Singer Helenka slogs herself through a sump of confused emotions. As its name suggests, the song is a hymn to sundays' depression and at the same time, a wonderful cure to it. «I Hate Sundays» creates an epic vastness and hugs you like an old friend. For the band and also for many fans, the song is the secret apogee on the current album «How Much Peanut Butter».

It gets even better: Electric Blanket are offering «I Hate Sundays» as free download on their website "Giving away «I Hate Sundays» for free, is our way of saying thank you to the people who support us by buying our music. It's a wonderful feeling to share something you really love." says guitarist Patrick.
The Band is now excited to continue its tour with a nice bunch of summer shows.


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OUT JULY 2009!

Released on
Bussi Records in collaboration with Wankdorf Recordings.
Digital Distribution by


Recorded at Bussi Studio Progr Bern in 2008
Produced & Mixed by Patrick Lerjen
Co-Produced by Helenka Danis
Mastered by Michael Schwabe at
Monoposto Mastering Düsseldorf

PATRICK LERJEN Guitars, Synths

Drums by Julian Sartorius
Written by Helenka Danis & Patrick Lerjen

P + © 2009 Bussi Records

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