The New Album by «Electric Blanket»
«How Much Peanut Butter»
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«Electric Blanket»
«How Much Peanut Butter»


01 I Never Ate That Bird
02 Karma Got It Right
03 My Eyes My Heart
04 I Hate Sundays
05 The Pain
06 How Much Peanut Butter
07 The End Of Our Lovesong
08 It's Written In Your Eyes
09 When You're Around
10 Blood In My Face
11 A Short Ride
12 My Eyes My Heart (Loose Edit)

Total Time - 45:23

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Electric Blanket «How Much Peanut Butter»

In 2008 Swiss indie-pop-combo Electric Blanket made quite an impression with its charming single «My Eyes my Heart». The song was chosen for «Sounds! Summer Hit» by Swiss National Radio DRS3 and even made it into rotation at Berlin based Radio Station MotorFm.
Now, with its new album «How Much Peanut Butter», the band takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride; From the easiness of «My Eyes My Heart» to the anger of «Blood In My Face» back to the innocence of title song «How Much Peanut Butter».
Out of purring to growling guitars, Lo-Fi Synths, joyous drums and handclaps, Electric Blanket conjures a refreshingly headstrong soundscape. In the epicenter, singer Helenka struggles for happiness.
After the electronic approach on its first album «It's Ok It's Not Ok» (2006), the band was up for a more spontaneous take. So the songs for «How Much Peanut Butter» were written in a very simple, Lo-Fi-way by use of a guitar and a Casio-Kids-Keyboard. This still reflects a lot in the final album.
Especially perky accrued the title song «How Much Peanut Butter». Helenka & guitarrist Patrick wrote and recorded the song along with keyboarder and longtime friend Oli Kuster during a live radio show. They even integrated the vacuum cleaner of the passing cleaning crew and what arose, pleased so much, that it had to be on the album.
With their 12 track album «How Much Peanut Butter» Electric Blanket create a substantial and soothing universe of confidence, which is going to delight many hearts.

About Electric Blanket

Antsy of the boredom at the academy of arts, singer Helenka Danis and guitarrist Patrick Lerjen cancelled their studies. "Let's do something real instead" they said to each other and started the Band «Electric Blanket». What began as machine-music with a strong influence from electronica evolved step by step to the bands current headstrong mix of indie-, lo-fi-, and synth-pop. What stayed the same since day one, is the bands commitment to unconventional pop songs around Helenkas neurotic cosmos.
With shows at such importent venues like the «Jazz Café» London, the international festival «Rock Oz Arenes Avenches» and rotation at radio stations MotorFM (Berlin), Virus (Swiss national), Couleur3 (Swiss national) and DRS 3 (Swiss national) the band has proved its potential.
The 7inch vinyl single series
With their 7inch vinyl single series Electric Blanket satisfy their thirst to release music off the beaten track. «I Never Ate That Bird» (incl. Round Table Knights remix) and «My Eyes My Heart» (incl. Seelenluft remix) whet the appetite for the new album. True to their band name, Electric Blanket is now here to warm our souls.


(2013) EP -
«No Neon (Digital)
(2011) Album -
«Hymn To Myself» (CD & Digital) (Wankdorf)
(2011) Single -
«City Lights » (Digital) (Wankdorf)
(2011) Single -
«Wuthering Heights » (Digital) (Wankdorf)
(2009) Single -
«I Hate Sundays (Radio Edit) (Digital)
(2009) Album -
«How Much Peanut Butter» (CD & Digital)
(2008) Single -
«My Eyes My Heart» (7inch-Vinyl & Digital)
(2008) Single -
«I Never Ate That Bird» (7inch-Vinyl & Digital)
(2006) Remix for Nicolette «Wholesome» (12inch-Vinyl / CD / Digital)
(2006) Album -
«It's Ok It's Not Ok» (CD & Digital)

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Released on
Bussi Records in collaboration with Wankdorf Recordings.
Distribution Switzerland by
Distribution Rest of the World by
Digital Distribution by


Recorded at Bussi Studio Progr Bern in 2008
Produced & Mixed by Patrick Lerjen
Co-Produced by Helenka Danis
Mastered by Michael Schwabe at
Monoposto Mastering Düsseldorf

PATRICK LERJEN Guitars, Bass, Synths

Additional Synths on «How Much Peanut Butter» by Oli Kuster

All Songs written by Helenka Danis & Patrick Lerjen
Except «I Never Ate That Bird», «The Pain» & «Blood In My Face» written by Helenka Danis & Patrick Lerjen & Bruno Roesti
«How Much Peanut Butter» written by Helenka Danis & Patrick Lerjen & Oli Kuster
«Karma Got It Right» & «When You're Around» written by Patrick Lerjen

P + © 2008 Bussi Records

Coverart by

Thanks to Stadt & Kanton Bern

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